What is EPiC?

EPiC is Equality and Parity in Cycling. EPiC’s vision is for an amateur cycling culture in the UK which treats people equally and fairly and results in a healthy and vibrant sport.

A sport which incorporates the principles of equality and parity helps us work towards an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds can feel welcome.

Equal Prizes

Our current focus is on securing equal prize money (or non-monetary prizes of equal value) for men and women in amateur cycling events, work which follows on from our campaign and open letter in the 2020 hill climb season. Alongside equal prizes, we’re pushing for equal recognition and celebration of female and male competitors. Find out more about this, and why we’re doing it here.

Research and Discussion

EPiC seeks and incorporates perspectives from the wider cycling community and conducts research into the status of equality in the sport to form a collective voice to champion change in amateur cycling.

For the future of the sport

The movement for equality, inclusion and diversity in sport is growing and we’re here to help that change. EPiC works to support this movement by championing Equality and Parity in Cycling.

What can you do?