About us

EPiC brought together individuals with a common passion for positive change in cycling. Our membership spans racers, organisers, and club and district committee members. Between us, we have a wealth of experience and are determined to make cycling a better place. We like getting out on our bikes, but we like equality more.

Photo credits: Harri James, James Lucas, Kimroy, Shaun Boggust

Why are we doing this?

Equality and Parity should be the norm, in sport and beyond. This is not the case, and in cycling inequality between men and women persists from grassroots through to professional level. We’re here to challenge that, and work to change it. We believe change in amateur sport can set a precedent for continued positive change in the world of cycling, and will have a profound impact on the next generation of cyclists. Welcoming everyone into the sport, and valuing everyone, will make cycling a better place for all.

EPiC’s members are: Alice Thomson (Bristol South CC), Andy Nichols (Team Lifting Gear Products / Cycles in Motion), Anthony Atkin (Didcot Phoenix CC), Gemma Wilks (Sotonia CC), Haddi Conant (Team Lifting Gear Products / Cycles in Motion), Lille Sanders (Avid Sport), Mandy May Lane (Bynea CC), Rebecca Richardson (Brother UK-OnForm), Richard Gildea (Didcot Phoenix CC).