The Equality Mark

We’re excited to unveil the EPiC equality mark. This is something we’ve been working on as a group, with the initial concept coming from Michelle Lee (PDQ/Forest of Dean CC).

The equality mark is a way to celebrate those already providing equality in their events – whether organisers or clubs. It’s based on what we see as the gold standard for equality in prizes at cycle events, and whilst some are ready to adopt it immediately, others may not be. For these, we hope it can provide a goal to progress towards. Being on the right trajectory matters.

The equality mark is based on the UN symbol for gender equality, made a little cycling specific. Whilst it was designed and conceived as a way to encourage and celebrate prize equality in time-trialling in the UK, we’ve aimed to make it as versatile as possible. We’d love to see it being used for any competitive cycling event that offers prizes, anywhere in the world. We hope that grassroots and amateur events can set a precedent for equality that echoes up the echelons into the highest levels of competition.

Visit this page to find out more, apply, and read the criteria. Once you’ve submitted your form we’ll be in touch with the equality mark file, and your event or series will be added to our list of approved events. We’re here for equality in cycling – join us.

The EPiC equality mark is a symbol based on the UN symbol for gender equality and incorporating a bicycle chain
The EPiC equality mark – Designed by Haddi Conant and Michelle Lee