The Open Letter

The 2020 hill climb season was remarkable, managing to go ahead largely unscathed in the midst of a pandemic, and with a record number of women competing at the National Hill Climb in Streatley.

It also brought together individuals motivated to make a change in time trials in the UK. Team Lifting Gear Products Cycles in Motion started an open letter to Cycling Time Trials (the UK governing body) to consider a rule change to mandate equal prizes for the top three finishers of each sex in all events. The letter can be found here.

The letter authors banded together with other individuals from the cycling community previously involved in campaigning for equality and EPiC was formed. The letter resonated widely, and gained a total of of 4,305 signatures, including hundreds of event organisers, thousands of CTT competitors, and National and Olympic Champions.

The letter and accompanying list of signatories were shared with CTT in December. In this letter we requested they:

  • Acknowledge the issue, and publish a statement highlighting commitment to inclusivity and progressing gender equality in cycling; 
  • Take action regarding prize structures which include an overall prize;
  • Make changes to the rules to require equal prize money (as covered in the open letter);  
  • Provide input and give backing to an equal prize money kite mark scheme for clubs to sign up to; and, 
  • Communicate with event organisers and districts about prize structures.