The EPiC Kitemark

Interested in using the equal prizes kitemark for your club or event? Read on. This page outlines what the kitemark is and the criteria an event needs to meet.

What is the kitemark?

The distribution of prize money in cycling events is an important indicator of equality in cycling. The kitemark is a way for clubs and organisers to highlight and celebrate their commitment to equality.

We know there are clubs out there who are already nailing this – equally celebrating male and female participants at their events. There are others, who are keen to follow their lead.

The Kitemark formalises this in a set of criteria, which if met, allow the club to display the Kitemark on their event materials and be listed in EPiC’s database of equal events. The EPiC Kitemark is based on the internationally recognised symbol for gender equality as used by the UN.

What are the criteria?

To qualify for the EPiC kitemark, organisers must award equal prizes for men and women across age category, team prizes and course records.
EPiC also recommends that event write-ups and articles of events give equal prominence to both womens and men’s competitions.

The full criteria can be found here. 

How do we sign up?

To use the kitemark for your cycling event, please fill in this form or contact us at for further information.